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freeborn adj : born free of free parents

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  1. Born free rather than in bondage or as a slave

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This article is about the concept. For the film, see Freeborn (film)
Freeborn is a prefix associated with John Lilburne (born c.1614 and died 1657), a member of the Levellers, a 17th century English political party. As a word, freeborn means to be born free, rather than to be born in slavery or bondage or vassalage. John Lilburne's concept of freeborn rights may have influenced the concept of unalienable rights mentioned in the United States Declaration of Independence.

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afoot and lighthearted, at large, at liberty, clear, detached, disengaged, easygoing, emancipated, footloose, footloose and fancy-free, free, free and easy, free as air, freed, go-as-you-please, in the clear, liberated, loose, on the loose, released, scot-free, unattached, uncommitted, unengaged, uninvolved
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